What is Expressive Arts?


'We are all creative beings'

Maya Fiennes


Throughout history, people have used pictures, stories, dance and conversation as healing rituals.

Expressive arts, provides a safe, caring and accepting environment for people to choose from various art forms for stress reduction or to identify challenges/life themes and explore them further to bring about healing and transformation. The following art forms can be used in the process:

  • Dance/movement

  • Visual arts such as painting, drawing, collage, crafts

  • Imagery

  • Reflective/creative writing

  • Spontaneous play

  • Performance

In individual sessions, group classes and workshops, an invitation is offered to use some or all of the above art forms to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself. Creatively connecting to our physical bodies, our thoughts and our emotions. Each class or workshop has a specific theme and intention that we will work with using the various art mediums above. Self expression is encouraged without the need for a specific end product. The aim is not to make professional artwork, it is more about accessing your own unique creativity and the discoveries you make about yourself along the way.

'All of us contain a divine, expressive spark, a creative candle intended to light our path and that of our fellows'

Julia Cameron

Expressive Arts

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Expressive Arts is suitable for all ages. It is suitable for those looking to relax and reduce stress and also for those who are looking for deeper healing and transformation.

Who is Expressive Arts for?

Rock Balancing

Promotes emotional and physical healing and transformation through self discovery, self awareness and creativity. Read More 

What are the Benefits?


Each individual session/class or workshop is different depending on the themes and intentions. However, the following will give some idea of what to expect. Read more

What happens in a session?