Chakradance Benefits

  • Reduces stress

  • Encourages relaxation

  • Promotes healing and transformation

  • Stimulates the natural flow of energy through the chakras or 7 energy centres along the spine

  • Re-tunes and re-balances your chakras restoring your whole energy system

  • Leads to a discovery of your true self

  • Helps you feel more balanced

  • Enables you to let go of what no longer serves you

  • Awakens strengths that have been lying dormant within you

  • Promotes physical and mental well being

  • Deepens your connection to yourself and others

  • Helps you radiate your own true colours out into the world

  • Nourish's your true self, your soul so you feel more fully yourself again

  • Supports you to gently release old blocked emotions 

  • Opens you up to a spiritual connection

  • Frees the energy in your body opening you up to deeper experiences of life

  • Connects you with like minded people

  • Enables free expression of your unique creativity

  • Promotes self expression, self awareness, self empowerment, freedom, liberation, joy, happiness and an affirmation of who you truly are

  • Gives you an opportunity to be yourself


One to One & Semi-Private

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Chakradance™ is a well-being practice. It uses free movement, to beautiful music, for the purpose of healing and re-tuning your whole energy system. Read More

What is Chakradance?
Rock Balancing

Chakradance is suitable for everyone from 18 years of age upwards. No experience of chakras or movement is required. If you looking for a different way to relax or let go, come along and explore.

Or maybe you are wanting to look deeper into each chakra and each part of yourself? Come along to find meaning and healing.

Who is it for?

A chakradance individual session/class/ workshop includes a guided meditation, warm-up, movement to chakra resonant music, mandala art or reflective writing and a closing meditation. Read More

What happens in a session?