What happens in a Chakradance session? 

-Each individual session/class/workshop begins with a short meditation

-Followed by an introduction for that specific individual session/class/workshop

-You are then guided into a warm up with your eyes softly closed or with a downward gaze

-The warm is is followed on by a dance with guided imagery for whatever chakra or chakras we are working on. -There is no right or wrong way to move and you can move as little or as much as you want. Your body will naturally move in whatever way that it needs at that moment

-Following the dance there is time for some spontaneous mandala making or a writing exercise to express and contain your experiences (no art experience required if you choose the mandala making)

-There is a small amount of time for optional sharing

-We finish with a closing meditation to integrate our experiences

Beautiful chakra resonant music accompanies all of the above, which has been specifically created with the intention of using sound for healing. Music has incredible therapeutic powers and is considered to be the oldest form of healing.

You can wear anything that you feel comfortable to move in.


One to One & Semi-Private

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Chakradance™ is a well-being practice. It uses free movement, to beautiful music, for the purpose of healing and re-tuning your whole energy system. Read More

What is Chakradance?
Rock Balancing

Reduces stress, promotes healing and transformation by re-balancing your chakras and restoring your whole energy system. Read More

What are the benefits?

Chakradance is suitable for everyone from 18 years of age upwards. No experience of chakras or movement is required. If you looking for a different way to relax or let go, come along and explore.

Or maybe you are wanting to look deeper into each chakra and each part of yourself? Come along to find meaning and healing.

Who is it for?