Chakra Healing One to One/Semi Private 

Cathy provides one to one and semi private Chakra Healing Sessions. A Chakra Healing session involves taking a detailed look at the health of your Chakras. Your Chakras are the energy centers in your body which govern your physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Through various life experiences, our environment, the people we meet and the emotions we have, our chakras can close or get blocked or become unbalanced. This can result in the energy getting stuck or not flowing freely which can lead to physical and/or emotional problems.


During this healing session we will identify what chakras need attention and take a look at some lifestyle changes that will support the chakras. Then together we will develop a personalised healing plan best suited to support vitality and well-being for your mind, body and spirit.

The treatment plan will involve the selection of a practice or practices which you will experience in the session and can then take away with you, to enable you to continue to work on your chakras outside of the session. 

Examples of the healing practice options are: (there will be time for one of the practices below during an hourly session along with support around lifestyle changes) 

-Reiki Self Healing

-Guided Chakra Meditations


-Chakra journal prompts so that you can explore healing through writing

-Creating Chakra affirmation cards

-Chakra therapeutic art exercises using Chakra specific colours

-Crystal healing and Aromatherapy

The sessions will include a chakra health check, lifestyle advice information, experience of a practice above, along with follow up information sheets on the practice(s) of your choice or links to resources you can use at home to continue your practice.

One to One Sessions

Sessions can be I hour or 1.5 hours

Sessions take place in person at Naas Holistic Centre, The Fairgreen Holistic Clinic or sessions can be arranged in the comfort of your own home if you live within a 40km radius of Naas. Cathy is also available for skype sessions and offers and one to one email sessions (see details below).

One hour sessions include the chakra health check, lifestyle advice and 1 practice of your choice with follow up handouts and/or resources.

€50 per hour

1.5 hour session to include the chakra health check, lifestyle advice and 2 practices of your choice with follow up handouts and/or resources.

€70 per hour

Follow up sessions of one hour can include 2 practices 


Follow up sessions of 1.5 hours can include 3 practices


Skype Sessions

1 hour €40

1.5 hours €60

One to One email

€30 - Includes chakra health check, lifestyle advice and 1 practice. All delivered to your inbox over 3 days with personal email support and check in from Cathy each day as you complete the programme.

€40 - Includes chakra health check, lifestyle advice and 2 practices. All delivered to your inbox over 4 days with personal email support and check in from Cathy each day as you complete the programme. 

CLICK HERE  to enquire about booking a session at a time that suits you or if you have any further questions

Semi-private group healing sessions

Semi-private sessions can be booked for you and a friend or a few friends/family (max 5) where you will complete a chakra health check, be given lifestyle advice information and be taken through a practice that you all agree on (unfortunately there will not be time for each person to choose different practices)  

€50 per hour  

€70 per 1.5 hours (includes 2 practices)

The total price above is per session and not per person (e.g. If you have 2 people it will be €50 divided by 2 which works out at €25 per person or €16.60 per person if you have 3 people and so on)

CLICK HERE to enquire about booking a semi-private session at a time that suits you or if you have any further questions




Chakra Healing

One to One & Semi Private

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What is Chakra Healing?

Our chakras or major energy systems can become blocked and unbalance leading to physical and emotional difficulties. Chakra Healing can teach you how to restore balance and harmony, bringing you optimal health and vitality. Read More 

What is are the benefits?

Promotes emotional and physical healing and well-being by bringing about harmony, balance and relaxation with practical tools to use in daily life. Read More 

Who is it for?

Chakra Healing sessions are suitable for anyone over 18 years of age. If you are looking to understand more about your mind, body and soul and want to experience different healing practices and be able to incorporate them into your daily life, then Chakra Healing is definitely for you.

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