One to One Expressive Arts Sessions 

Expressive Arts helps identify physical or emotional issues, themes or challenges in your life and supports you to work through them using a various arts practices. Throughout history, people have used pictures, stories, dance and conversation as healing rituals.

Expressive arts allows you to explore movement, imagery, visual arts, reflective or creative writing, in a safe, caring and accepting environment. An invitation is offered to use some or all of the above art forms to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself. A specific issue or issues can be worked through by using all of or some of the above depending on your needs or preferences. This work leads to increased self awareness and authentic expression all while being fully supported, which can help in your journey of healing and transformation. Each session has a theme and intention that we will work with using the various art mediums. Self expression is encouraged without the need for a specific end product. The aim is not to make professional artwork, it is more about accessing your own unique creativity and the discoveries you make about yourself along the way.

The sessions will include:

A short guided meditation, check in and discussion on what you would like to work on, further exploration using one or a combination of the following: movement, imagery, creating art and /or reflective or creative writing. Feedback on how the process was for you and then a grounding mediation to finish.

Sessions take place in Naas Holistic Centre or sessions can be arranged in the comfort of your own home if you live within a 40km radius of Naas

One to One Sessions

Sessions are 1 hour or 1.5 hours

€50 per hour 

€70 per 1.5 hours

Contact Cathy BY CLICKING HERE  to enquire about booking a one to one session at a time that suits you or if you have any further questions

Expressive Arts

One to One Sessions

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What is Expressive Arts?

Throughout history, people have used pictures, stories, dance and conversation as healing rituals. Expressive Arts provides an opportunity for self exploration using various art forms. Read More

Rock Balancing

What are the Benefits?

Promotes emotional and physical healing and transformation through self discovery, self awareness and creativity. Read More 


What happen in a session?

Each individual session/class or workshop is different depending on the themes and intentions. However, the following will give some idea of what to expect. Read more