What happens in an Expressive Arts Class/Workshop or One to One Session?


For all classes, workshops and individual sessions you will be invited to explore the various art forms and what feels comfortable for you. You will always have full control over how much or how little you want to participate.

Expressive Arts uses a combination of art forms but this will vary from class to class, workshop to workshop and individual to individual, depending on the themes and intentions. Most classes, workshops and individual sessions will contain some guided meditation at the beginning to arrive and become present and again at the end to ground before leaving. The middle section may combine the use of movement, imagery, visual arts and reflective writing or perhaps one particular art form will be emphasised more than another. 

Below are some frequently asked questions:

1. Do I need to be able to draw?

You do not need to have any drawing skills. We sometimes forget that drawing is a skill like many other skills that can be developed over time with practice and guidance. Very few of us have had the opportunity to develop our drawing skills. Expressive Arts classes will mostly use collage and mixed media. If you haven't been involved in any art making since you were a child, you will be supported and given enough techniques to begin experimenting again. If you have already developed your drawing skills, you will be welcome to use them. However, what is most important is the process of art making, alongside the lessons we learn from our creations. A blank page, one dot on a page, shapes and colours can tell us something about ourselves when explored in the right environment.

2. Do I need to be able to dance?

When we hear the word dance we might automatically think of particular styles of dancing that have been developed over time with lots of practice and the right teacher. With expressive arts, if you can move, you can dance. There will be no steps or techniques to learn and you will be encouraged, guided and supported to find your own movements no matter how simple or elaborate. The most important thing is that the movement is your own and you can use it to connect to yourself. Our body holds our entire life experience and movement gives us an opportunity to express our stories and who we are from the inside out.


3. Do I need to be able to write creatively?

Again, there is no skill or technique required. Any writing that will take place will be in response to a drawing or movement or to questions posed. It is an opportunity to reflect, integrate and provide a container for our experiences.

4. Will I have to perform?

There will only be specific performance classes and workshops or individual sessions offered for those interested. The very mention of performance can bring up all sorts of emotion inside of us. Expressive arts 'performance' is a very different experience in that support, nourishment and safety are key. Performance pieces will be introduced for specific performance classes or workshops or individual sessions so if this is something you would like to explore in an encouraging and sensitive environment. 

5. Will I have to share and speak in public?

On some level, we all long to be seen and heard, but sometimes this can be frightening for us because of negative experiences in the past. Any sharing or speaking as part of classes or workshops or individual sessions will be your choice and if you wish to engage, you will be equipped with an expanded communication model which provides a safe a non judgemental way of expressing what wants to be said.

Comfortable clothes are the best to wear and keep in mind that we may work with glue, paint and markers. You do not need to bring anything specific unless told beforehand.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions. We will be happy to answer you.

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Expressive Arts is suitable for all ages. It is suitable for those looking to relax and reduce stress and also for those who are looking for deeper healing and transformation.

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