Chakradance One to One/Semi-Private 

Chakradance helps to balance and unblock the major energy centres in the body to bring about healing and improved physical and emotional health.  Chakradance uses meditation, guided free movement and spontaneous mandala making or reflective writing, all accompanied by specific chakra resonant healing music. These sessions are for anyone looking for individual support to help pinpoint whatever chakra or chakras need attention and to work on them specifically or to bring balance and health to the whole body.

The first session will include:

  • A chakra health check 

  • Follow up information sheets on ways to work with the chakras

  • A mp3 mini chakradance recording to use at home to continue your practice

Sessions take place in Naas Holistic Centre or sessions can be arranged in the comfort of your own home if you live within a 40km radius of Naas

One to One Sessions

Sessions are 1 hour or 1.5 hours

€50 per hour 

€70 per 1.5 hours 

Contact Cathy BY CLICKING HERE  to enquire about booking a one to one session at a time that suits you or if you have any further questions or phone 089 9823888

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private sessions can be booked for you and a friend or a few friends or family (max 5) 


€50 per hour  

€70 per 1.5 hours

The total price above is per session and not per person (e.g. If you have 2 people it will be €50 divided by 2 which works out at €25 per person or €16.60 per person if you have 3 people and so on)

Contact Cathy BY CLICKING HERE to enquire about booking a semi-private session at a time that suits you or if you have any further questions or phone 089 9823888


One to One & Semi-private 

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What is Chakradance?

Chakradance™ is a well-being practice. It uses free movement, to beautiful music, for the purpose of healing and re-tuning your whole energy system. Read More

Rock Balancing

What are the benefits?

Reduces stress, promotes healing and transformation by re-balancing your chakras and restoring your whole energy system. Read More


Who is it for?

Chakradance is suitable for everyone from 18 years of age upwards. No experience of chakras or movement is required. If you looking for a different way to relax or let go, come along and explore.

Or maybe you are wanting to look deeper into each chakra and each part of yourself? Come along to find meaning and healing.