What is Chakra Healing? 

There are seven major energy centres or chakras in our bodies, in which energy flows through. These chakras can be become blocked or unbalanced leading to physical or emotional difficulties. There are many practices and lifestyle changes that can help to restore chakra balance and energy flow. The session or sesions are about discovering what practices work best for you.


Chakra healing sessions are for anyone looking for individual support to help pinpoint whatever chakra or chakras need attention and to work on them specifically or to bring balance and health to the whole body. The session or sessions are about discovering what practice(s) work best for you. The practice(s) experienced in the session can be repeated at home giving you practical tools to support your well being on a daily basis.


The awareness gained through the session and the practice(s) can support you to take control of your emotional and physical health thereby bringing more joy, freedom and balance into your life.

Chakra Healing

One to One & Semi Private

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Chakra Healing sessions are suitable for anyone over 18 years of age. Do you have any emotional or physical challenges and are looking to understand the relationship between your mind, body and soul? Do you want to experience different healing practices and be able to incorporate them into your daily life? Chakra Healing can support you to heal yourself and improve your well being.

Who is Chakra Healing for?

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What are the benefits?

Reiki Treatment

Each session or class involves taking a look at the current health of your chakras. We then look at different practices to bring about healing and balance. Read More

What happens in a session?