Expressive Arts Benefits


  • Reduces stress and provides physical, emotional and mental stress management tools 

  • Increases a sense of health and wellbeing 

  • Develops creativity and creative expression

  • Encourages relaxation

  • Enhances personal growth

  • Increases self awareness

  • Promotes healing and transformation

  • Opens up new ways of responding and behaving

  • Builds community through the shared practices of creativity and art

  • Deepens connection to yourself and others         


'When we rediscover our creativity, we also rediscover parts of ourselves'

Margarita Tartakovsky

Expressive Arts

One to One Sessions

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Expressive Arts Classes

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Throughout history, people have used pictures, stories, dance and conversation as healing rituals. Expressive Arts provides an opportunity for self exploration using various art forms . Read More

What is Expressive Arts?

Rock Balancing

Expressive Arts is suitable for all ages. It is suitable for those looking to relax and reduce stress and also for those who are looking for deeper healing and transformation.

Who is Expressive Arts for?


Each individual session/class or workshop is different depending on the themes and intentions. However, the following will give some idea of what to expect. Read more

What happens in a session?